Partner Schools

This classroom is utilised by all grades and all teachers. It is always fully booked for permanent full time classes that are a part of their normal academic timetable. It is extremely successful as the school management team are fully committed and involved.  


 Winchester Ridge Primary has been one of our partner schools for over ten years.  We are extremely proud to be part of their normal timetable and work with such a dedicated management team.  We assist in managing their computer classroom by implementing our Digital Curriculum and placing an enthusiastic Certified Futurevista Digital Facilitator permanently.  


 At Kenton Primary, we have been implementing our Open-Source Curriculum for over 10 years in their previous GOL classroom.  Our Certified Futurevista Digital Facilitator is permanently placed at the school and our curriculum is part of their normal timetable.  All learners attend classes once per week to enhance their digital skills.  It is such a pleasure to work with such a committed management team who encourage their learners to be at the forefront of technology.


Crown Reef Primary began their journey with us in January 2017.  They were generously donated computers by FNB which enabled them to outsource Futurevista to implement our curriculum and place a permanent Futurevista Certified Facilitator onsite to manage their classroom.  Computer classes are offered to learners from Grade RR to Grade 7.  The progress of the learners has been phenomenal.  We are extremely proud to partner with such a committed management team.  Thank you to Crown Reef Primary for your trust in us.