CSI Sponsorship

Socio Economic Development, according to the latest legislation, requires companies to spend 1% of their net profit after tax on developing communities.

How does it work

We train Government School Teachers on Digital Literacy Skills, we certify their skills which enables them to teach thousands of children.  We do not want any teacher or child to be left behind.

What does a sponsorship include

  • One sponsorship will train 20 teachers who are then certified to train Digital Literacy
  • We train at various locations and/or schools to avoid teachers having to travel
  • Electronic Manuals for each teacher
  • Lesson Plans and a Curriculum for them to implement for the children
  • Teacher Tools for their own preparation
  • Online or telephonic support continuously
  • Certification of Skills

What do companies receive

  • Letters of Gratitude from Schools & Teachers
  • The list of the teachers details and their reports
  • The list of the schools sponsored
  • Certificate of Sponsorship for each school
  • Photographs for your Marketing Platforms
  • A link on our website to your company
  • Our company ‘brags’ about our sponsors on our media platforms

Sponsorship Fees

  • Please send a mail to lindsay@futurevista.co.za for package options