Microsoft Word 2016 Part Three

Microsoft Word 2016 Part Three

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This course is available as E-Learning only.

MS Word Part Three offers an Advanced level of knowledge.  Each module includes exercise and activity files that must be completed and submitted to your instructor.  Once you have received your results for each module, your Assessor will forward an additional assignment for submission.


  1. Simplifying and Managing Long Documents
  2. Managing Document Versions
  3. Forms
  4. Collaborating on Documents
  5. Securing a Document
  6. Adding Reference Marks and Notes


The E-Learning section is approximately 12 hours to complete all 6 modules, this excludes any activities or assignments.  

Individual Modules - upon request, you may select to complete any of the above modules individually.  Simple send us a mail and we will gladly assist.  Individual pricing is R350 per module.