Microsoft Word 2016 Part One

Microsoft Word 2016 Part One

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MICT SETA ACCREDITATION OPTIONAL (See price difference above)

This course is available as E-Learning only.

MS Word Part One offers the core essentials to operate this application with confidence.  Each module includes exercise and activity files that must be completed and submitted to your instructor.  Once you have received your results for each module, your Assessor will forward an additional assignment for submission.

Should you elect to register for MICT SETA Accreditation, your Assessor will advise the detailed process via electronic mail.


  1. Getting started with Word
  2. Customizing your Word environment
  3. Controlling your Page Appearance
  4. Editing a Document
  5. Formatting Texts and Paragraphs
  6. Proofing of a Document
  7. Inserting Graphic Objects
  8. Managing Lists
  9. Adding Tables


Each module has an approximate 2 hour online schedule, however depending on your experience, this time may vary.  It does not include time taken to complete exercises/activities or assignments.


Futurevista Activities Summative Assignment
MICT SETA Activities Summative Assignment Portfolio of Evidence


Individual Modules - upon request, you may select to complete any of the above modules individually.  Simple send us a mail and we will gladly assist.  Individual pricing is R350 per module.